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This helicopter ride takes off and inches up the gentle slopes of Haleakala until suddenly you are up to the top and then you fly over the crater which is large enough to put the Island of Manhattan inside of! The stark surface of the crater is almost like the pictures you have seen of the surface of the moon. You fly over to the other edge of the crater and then down the other side of Haleakala into the Hana rain forest. There are waterfalls everywhere and plush valleys and Taro farms that lead to the rocky coast and its black and red sand beaches. You fly over Hana Town and Lindberg’s Grave, and over the Pools at Ohe’o Gulch nick-named the Seven Sacred Pools. You fly back through the canyons and then back over Haleakala for one more look and then you fly back down the slopes and back to the Heliport. If you are into waterfalls, this is the flight for you!