This is truly a beautiful ride! You take off and fly over the water’s edge of Maui and then you go inland -up and over the West Maui Mountains- where there are steep ledges and narrow gorges that have been formed by wind and rain. The land is covered by lush greenery and there are waterfalls running down the cliffs. Your pilot will take you over the Wall of Tears which was filmed for the opening of Jurassic Park and you can only see by air. Next, you fly over the channel that separates Maui from Molokai. On the way you see Elephant Rock which really looks like an elephant laying in the water. Flying over Molokai will take your breath away as you glide beside and then up and over the tallest sea cliffs in the world! There are so many waterfalls it’s impossible for you to turn your gaze away from them! Your pilot will take you over the other edge of Molokai where, on a clear day, you can see all the neighboring Islands- Lanai, Kahoolawi, and Molokini. Next you fly over the channel back to Maui and through the back side of Ia’o valley where you can see clean through all the way to the water’s edge of Kahului Harbor. You land back at the heliport and they escort you back off the aircraft.